Standing Together with Love and Compassion

To BAYADA Colleagues, Clients, and our Communities,

On Saturday evening, my nine-year-old daughter asked why helicopters were hovering above our neighborhood in downtown Philadelphia. I struggled to find words in that moment to explain the unfathomable acts of racism and injustice that our country has witnessed.

I feel a deep sadness, frustration, and anger as I grapple with the news of the senseless killing of Black Americans. And I feel isolated and disconnected from others in our BAYADA community as we try to navigate the pain, fear, and frustration felt by communities and people of color within BAYADA and across the country.

Our BAYADA community of compassionate caregivers—comprised of many different races, ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientation, genders, and ages—stands together vigilant and united against racism and discrimination. The BAYADA Way has always guided us and continues to serve as a reminder that working with a spirit of universal faith, hope, and love is as important as ever, and extends to everyone in our society.

Our value of Compassion asks us to demonstrate exceptional care and kindness to others, to be respectful, and to treat others the way they wish to be treated. As care providers to the most vulnerable in our communities, inclusivity and empathy for others are fundamental to our mission and values, and essential to combatting injustice.

Following the unprecedented challenges we’ve all faced over the past several months with the COVID-19 pandemic, and now after an unfathomable week of unacceptable inequity, I am resolute in my responsibility to galvanize our organization around the unifying tenets of The BAYADA Way that guide our work. And I ask the same of you. Let’s continue to advocate for one another and show love. Reach out to your coworkers and people of color in your communities to let them know “I care about you. I am here for you.”

I will continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees as we work together toward our special mission of enabling people to safely live their best quality of life, with the compassion, excellence, and reliability that every human being deserves.

David Baiada

CEO, BAYADA Home Health Care

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