BAYADA Home Health Care Client and Caregiver Reviews

Something extraordinary happens every day at BAYADA Home Health Care, and it springs from the clients we serve, which often can be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their stories reflect the compassionate care provided by our home health professionals, but it is our clients themselves who truly are inspiring.

Thank you! On behalf of Children’s Specialized Hospital, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude for the generous donation of cold packs, rubber ducks, calendars, and Band-Aids which were delivered to the hospital for the children in our care.

For your information, your donation will be distributed throughout the year to children admitted to our hospital. We are so fortunate to have donors like you!

Again, we thank you for your donation, your generosity, and your support of our hospital's mission. Keep up the good deeds you are doing for those in your community.

—The Children’s Specialized Hospital

Elizabeth was born premature at only 29 weeks. She needed support to breathe and was in the hospital for some time. When something like this happens, it's a whirlwind. You have this child that has so many medical needs and you're scared. We needed help to bring her home safely. The BAYADA Home Health Care clinical team was a tremendous support and walked me through it all. They came to the hospital and took as much time as needed to learn about Elizabeth. They visited us at home while Elizabeth was still in the hospital to get to know her other five siblings and educate us about her care. Now, Elizabeth is doing well. Her lungs have matured enough that she is mainly only on the ventilator at night and steadily making gains. Finding these nurses has helped us so much. You can do what you need to do and know that your child is safe.

— Kim C.

My 18-year-old son Christopher has Down syndrome, a tracheostomy, and is ventilator dependent. When he is frightened or confused his behavior can be challenging, particularly when we need to do a trach change. With the help of a trached baby doll, our nurse Marjorie went through the trach change process with Chris day after day. Marjorie never gave up on Chris and the huge transformation with trach changes is just amazing to me. I underestimated him and the power of perseverance. Christopher and I want to say thank you to Marjorie and to all of you for an amazing job. It's been life changing for Christopher.

— Bonnie S.

The demands of our work schedules and the medical needs of our daughter meant traditional daycare was not a solution. BAYADA arranged care for our little girl both during our work hours and at school. I am very proud of the many ways her condition has improved. She has blossomed!

— Jeff B.

Taking in a medically needy foster child is not an easy decision. BAYADA Home Health Care helped us through a very difficult adjustment. There were many tough decisions and lots of medical issues. The client services manager was right there for us through everything. Some weeks she would hear from us daily but she always made our problems seem manageable. Our entire household was changed drastically, but Cheyenne has made great strides since she has been here and BAYADA Home Health Care became a part of our family right along with Cheyenne.

— Debbie M.

Juliet doesn't just receive a laundry list of medications and therapies from our BAYADA caregiver, Liz. She brings intangible interpersonal skills that bring joy, happiness, and laughter into Juliet's otherwise difficult life. Liz engages Juliet with an enthusiasm that makes a true difference in the tone of each day. Since joining our team, Liz has been instrumental in enabling Juliet to progress in her physical, mental, and emotional development. As parents, it is an incredible gift to know that your child is receiving the level of care that you, yourself, would provide. Liz gives us that gift every time she comes to our home.

— Janice B.

I am writing to tell you how pleased I was with the quality of services I received. Everyone was an exceptionally caring person from our Nurse, Marge, our Occupational Therapist, Kim, to our Aide, Kathy. However, one employee absolutely stood out and that was Sandy my physical therapist.

Sandy is a very good physical therapist and went above and beyond to ensure my recovery from a recent fall and double fracture in my ankle. She inspected my walker and said it was too old and newer would be more helpful. She ordered it and it arrived the next day. Then I had a need for a second transport chair in the house as I live on two levels and it would not be covered by Medicare. On her own time, Sandy went to thrift stores looking for another chair. She didn’t have success, but I was so touched by her compassion.

Finally, my daughter decided that I needed a medical alert system in the event I fall again. Since Sandy knew I am a WWII Veteran, she told my daughter to check with the VA to see if they would give us one. They did and that saved me a lot of money. I truly appreciate her professionalism, caring, and the support she gave during my recovery.

You have a great team. They talk to one another and it was evident that all of them work very well together. I was so impressed with the care I received and have told everyone about BAYADA Home Health Care.

— Grace B.

In the spring of 1999, my son Scott was sent home with a tracheostomy and a ventilator. Naturally, my husband and I were apprehensive about the responsibility of providing care to our son. When we got BAYADA Home Health Care to help us, we expected they would provide Scott's nursing needs, which they did with efficiency and reliability, but we got much more than that. Our nurses helped Scott attend sporting and social events. They helped him attend school, cake decorating classes, and concerts. The have been helpers not just to Scott, but to our family, providing emotional support to all of us. Our tenth anniversary with BAYADA is approaching and I wanted you to know what a wonderful job they have done, helping my son live a full life, and helping our family handle all the joys and stresses we have caring for our son.

— Susan J.