BAYADA Pediatrics Career FAQ

Frequently asked questions about working at BAYADA Pediatrics

Why would I want to work in pediatric home health care?

The rewarding experience of caring for a child at home is unlike any other. When you enter their homes, you enter their lives and become like a part of the family. Your presence and skilled care allow children to thrive within their home, surrounded by family and all that is important to them. That’s the kind of impact you’re empowered to make with a career at BAYADA Pediatrics.

What is the culture like at BAYADA?

BAYADA is a family-owned company that believes in helping people live safe at home with comfort, independence, and dignity. Our employees – in the field and in support roles – embody our core values of compassion, excellence, and reliability that are the foundation of all we do. The commitment to those values extends to the workplace, making it a collaborative, supportive environment where employees are appreciated, recognized, and rewarded. Our “all hands on deck” philosophy encourages strong teams who do whatever they have to do to care for our clients and to support each other.

What opportunities will I have to advance my career?

We offer comprehensive career paths and opportunities for development for our employees. Whether that’s through our educational resources, training programs, or simply through collaborating with our professional and expert health care professionals, we’ll reward your performance with advancement.

What are the rewards of working at BAYADA?

BAYADA is a great place to work if you want to join an organization that’s mission-based and values-driven. You’ll find meaningful work as you connect with your purpose and make a lasting impact in people’s lives. We’ll support your success with a comprehensive benefits package and ample opportunities for growth through orientation and training programs as well as on-the-job experience. Our ongoing recognition programs show appreciation for our many dedicated caregivers throughout the company.

Who succeeds at BAYADA?

Our most successful employees have big hearts and high standards—every day, with every responsibility, and every client. They let The BAYADA Way guide their work and approach each task with compassion, excellence, and reliability. We truly believe our employees are our greatest asset and treat them as such.

As a BAYADA caregiver, can I choose my own schedule?

We offer flexible schedules for most of our BAYADA caregiver roles. Depending on where you apply your expertise, you may have the ability to choose when and how often you want to work.

How are BAYADA caregivers matched with clients?

Our first consideration is a BAYADA caregiver’s skill level. We look for someone who has the competence to handle the role. Then, we match on personality so our BAYADA caregivers are more likely to connect with our pediatric clients and their families on a personal level.

How long do BAYADA caregivers stay with their clients?

Since we offer a wide range of home health care services, we’ve served some clients for over 20 years. In fact, some of our pediatric clients have transitioned to adult care services, but have had the consistency of having the same BAYADA caregivers throughout the years. On the other end of the spectrum, some of our nurses see clients for just one visit. This is dependent on which specialty practice you choose to pursue.

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