Pediatric Community Resources

Easy access to community resources for your family

Your child’s client services manager and clinical manager can help you access community resources to help your family with vital services including social, financial, legal, educational, and more.

These resources can include:

  • Services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Each state and local county has a variety of services and support provided by agencies or providers working with the municipality. These can include social and recreational activities, financial services, durable medical equipment providers, and agencies to help you access other household needs.
  • Family support services (ie, child welfare preventive services, social services, social work/counseling) and services for individuals with mental illness: BAYADA Pediatrics maintains community partnerships with a variety of social service agencies that can provide services ranging from social work and housing to financial assistance and food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Legal assistance: Many BAYADA Pediatrics offices partner with local attorneys who can assist you with managing some of the more challenging aspects of obtaining authorization from your insurance company for medically necessary services for your child.
  • Early intervention/special education: Many BAYADA Pediatrics offices also have relationships with local early intervention providers as well as your local school’s special education department (see School Care).

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